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Olivier Rousteing designs his creations in a studio with his favorite songs blasting out. Music also prominently features in Rousteing’s Parisian fashion shows, so it is only natural for Balmain mini bags to become the ideal accessory for the Balmain Army on music-filled nights out. Designed to keep up with modern women’s pace of life and to reflect their bold and powerful spirit, Olivier Rousteing has not forgotten the Parisian fashion house’s roots. Some of his Balmain mini bags are inspired by Pierre Balmain’s most iconic mid-century designs. By putting his own futuristic spin on them, he creates jaw-dropping pieces which will have you falling head over heels in love. This collection of small bags for women, which also includes daytime styles, reflects the savoir-faire accumulated over decades by the atelier’s artisans. Superb quilting, soft leather and intricately patterned jacquard fabric take these Balmain mini bags to the next level, turning them into works of art.

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